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Teens, Road Rage: Is It All In Their Heads?

Road rage is dangerous, and more common than you might think.

See why one expert believes teens are especially vulnerable.

Help Your A/C Keep Its Cool All Summer Long

A frosty air conditioner on a blistering summer afternoon provides one of life’s greatest comforts.

Here’s what you need to do to keep those vents blowing cold air all summer long.

Cone Zone Dangers Get National Notice

Road maintenance remains one of the nation’s most dangerous lines of work.

What can drivers do to keep freeways safe for road crews? National safety experts have some life-saving tips for all the drivers in your family.

Banish Bug Gunk From Paint, Windows

Drive through a swarm of bugs one hot summer night and it looks as if Jackson Pollock painted your vehicle.

Insect remains ruin vehicle surfaces and cause permanent damage if ignored.

Here's how to handle that pesky problem.

Smoother Rides Start With The Right Tread

The right set of tires goes a long way toward enjoying a smooth, quiet ride.

Want a luxurious journey? Here’s some tire tips on getting a quiet, smooth ride.

Don't Let Summer Put Brakes On Family Fun

The trunk’s loaded and tank's full of gas. Yet, there's more to getting ready than loading up the family for the Great American Adventure.

Did you leave time for a brake system inspection?

Memorial Day Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Summer’s arrival means the end of school, an influx of beach trips and teenagers hitting the road in massive numbers.

According to safety experts, Memorial Day looms as one of the most hazardous holidays for the young drivers in your family.

Tires Roll On Decades of Science, Innovation

A tire is so much more than a band of rubber supporting the weight of your vehicle. It is a safety feature, a fuel-saving device and a vital performance component.

Learn where it all began and how it’s evolved.

Driving Sunglasses Key to Reducing Eye Strain

You've been wearing the same sunglasses for years, and you notice your eyes feel strained after a long drive.

Maybe it's time to invest in a pair of polarized lenses. See how to choose.

Tips For Turning Dull Wheels Bright Again

Take a close look at your wheels. Have they lost their luster? Are they still covered in winter road grime?

Time for a spring clean-up to bring them back to life.