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Take Time for Winter Brake Safety Check

Remember your last sudden stop while driving?  How quickly your vehicle stops depends on numerous factors including speed, weight of the car, condition of the brakes and road condition. Are your brakes up to the winter road challenge?

Candid Talk Improves Teen Driver Safety

Parents naturally are hardwired to worry about their teen drivers. Yet, studies show that parents who talk to kids about driving safety have less to be concerned about.

Find out how a candid chat with teen drivers can help them navigate increasingly difficult traffic on city roads and highways.

Agencies Ramp Up Holiday Enforcement

Families are not the only ones making plans for the holidays. Enforcement officials are preparing massive campaigns aimed at curtailing accidents.

Expect to see more officers on patrol and major street checkpoints throughout the holiday season.

Prevent Slips, Slides On Slick Winter Roads

Oil and grime accumulated on summer roads leaches out of pavement during autumn rains.

How can your vehicle's tires help prevent slips and slides on slick November roads?

Headlight Safety Tips For Better Visability

Night driving with good headlights poses enough challenges. Bulbs that are dim, or cloudy lenses, increase the difficulty of reading road signs, spotting pedestrians or gauging distance.

Are your bulbs and lenses ready for fall and winter driving?

Prepare Your Interior Against Wet Weather

Sniffling and suffering from a scratchy throat every time you drive to work? It may not be the weather, but it might be your interior.

Your shoes track snow, mud, road salt, ice, filth and moisture into the car and carpet. Here are some tips to a clean, allergy-free interior this winter.

Annual Turkey Trots Build Local Charities

Help your community while burning some calories by participating in a Thanksgiving tradition: the Turkey Trot.

Charity fun runs can be found in communities across the country on Thanksgiving Day. Some are certainly within a short drive of you.

Your Battery Wants to Tell You Something

A dead battery is one of the most inconvenient aspects of owning a vehicle.

Fortunately, batteries rarely die without warning. The key is to listen to what it is trying to tell you. Here’s how to pick up on those hints.

How to Keep Outside From Ruining Inside

You picked the kids up from football practice and they piled into the car--soaking cleats and all.

Mud and stains embed themselves in the previously pristine carpet, and the interior takes on a musty odor.

How can you prevent this from happening to you? Well, rubber floor mats are a good place to start this fall.

5 Ways to Ready Your Ride For Winter Wrath

Winter takes plenty of cheap shots at your vehicle, but a little prep and routine maintenance now makes all the difference when severe weather strikes.

Here’s five helpful tips to ready your ride for severe weather.